How to Buy Quartz Powder Making Grinding Mill?

Quartz powder is made of quartz by crushing, grinding, flotation, pickling purification, high purity water treatment and other multi-channel processing. Quartz powder with the characteristics of good dielectric properties, high thermal conductivity, and good suspension performance. It can be used in coatings, plastics, electrical and electronics.


HCQ Reinforced quartz grinding mill is widely used to process quartz powder, it can make 80-400 mesh fineness. This mill is a development of the proven Raymond mill, it has high-yield and suitable for processing soft to hard materials into fine powders.


HCQ Reinforced Grinding Mill

Max feeding size: 20-25mm

Capacity: 1.5-13t/h

Fineness: 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh)


Roller Amount

Ring Diameter (mm)

Max Feeding size (mm)

Fineness (mm)

Capacity (t/h)

Total Power (kw)
















HCQ quartz grinding mill


How does the quartz powder mill work?


The first phase: The crushed large pieces of quartz are transported to the raw material warehouse by and then are sent to the jaw crusher by forklifts or manually for crushing, and crushed to the feeding size.


The second phase: the crushed quartz is lifted by the elevator to the storage hopper, and then it is sent by the feeder to the main mill evenly.


The third phase: the qualified powders are screened by the screening system and then enter the collector through the pipeline, they are collected and discharged through the discharge valve as the finished product. The unqualified products fall into the main engine for re-grinding.


The fourth phase: the air flow after purification of the finished product flows into the blower through the residual air duct above the dust collector. The air path is circulating, except for the positive pressure from the blower to the grinding chamber, the air flow in the rest of the pipeline flows under negative pressure.


If you need industrial grinding mill to make quartz powder or other non-metallic mineral powders, please contact us for details, we will offer you the optimal mill model based on your requirements.




Post time: Jan-24-2022