• Application Field Of Nanometer Barium Sulfate

    Application Field Of Nanometer Barium Sulfate

    Barium sulfate is an important inorganic chemical raw material processed from barite raw ore. It not only has good optical performance and chemical stability, but also has special characteristics such as volume, quantum size and interface effect. Therefore, it is widely used in coatings, plastics...
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  • Application And Properties Of Sepiolite Powder

    Application And Properties Of Sepiolite Powder

    Sepiolite is a kind of mineral with fiber form, which is a fiber structure extending alternately from the polyhedral pore wall and pore channel. The fiber structure contains layered structure, which is composed of two layers of Si-O-Si bond connected silicon oxide tetrahedron and octahedron conta...
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  • Application Of Transparent Stone Powder

    Application Of Transparent Stone Powder

    Transparent powder is a transparent functional filler powder. It is a composite silicate and a new type of functional transparent filler material. It has the characteristics of high transparency, good hardness, excellent hue, high luster, good collapse resistance and less dust when used. As the m...
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  • The Function of Zeolite Powder Processed By Zeolite Grinding Mill

    The Function of Zeolite Powder Processed By Zeolite Grinding Mill

    Zeolite powder is a kind of powdery crystalline ore material formed by the grinding of zeolite rock. It has three main characteristics: ion exchange, adsorption, and network molecular sieve. HCMilling (Guilin Hongcheng) is a manufacturer of zeolite grinding mill. The zeolite vertical roller mill,...
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  • Grinding FGD Gypsum Powder

    Grinding FGD Gypsum Powder

    Introduction to FGD gypsum FGD gypsum is been respected because it is a common desulfurization agent. Gypsum is a complex product gypsum obtained through sulfur dioxide of coal-fired or oil ...
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  • Grinding Grain Slag Powder

    Grinding Grain Slag Powder

    Introduction to grain slag Grain slag is the product discharged from the blast furnace after melting the non-ferrous components in iron ore, coke and ash in injected coal when smelting pig ir...
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  • Grinding Cement Clinker Powder

    Grinding Cement Clinker Powder

    Introduction to cement clinker Cement clinker is the semi-finished products based on limestone and clay, iron raw materials as the main raw material, formulated into raw materials according t...
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  • Grinding Cement Raw Meal Powder

    Grinding Cement Raw Meal Powder

    Introduction to Dolomite Cement raw meal is a kind of raw material that consists of calcareous raw material, clayey raw material and a small amount of correction raw material (sometimes miner...
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  • Grinding Petroleum Coke Powder

    Grinding Petroleum Coke Powder

    Introduction to petroleum coke Petroleum coke is distillation to separate the light and heavy oils, heavy oil turn into end product by thermal cracking process. Tell from the appearance, coke...
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  • Grinding Coal Powder

    Grinding Coal Powder

    Introduction to Coal Coal is a kind of carbonized fossil mineral. It is organized by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, majority used as fuel by human. At present, the coa...
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  • Grinding Phosphogypsum Powder

    Grinding Phosphogypsum Powder

    Introduction to phosphogypsum Phosphogypsum refers to the solid waste in the production of phosphoric acid with sulfuric acid phosphate rock, the main component is calcium sulfate. Phosphoru...
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  • Grinding Slag Powder

    Grinding Slag Powder

    Introduction to slag Slag is an industrial waste excluded from the ironmaking process. In addition to iron ore and fuel, an appropriate amount of limestone should be added as a cosolvent in o...
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