Steel Slag Production Line HLM Vertical Grinding Mill


What grinding machinery can be used for steel slag production line? How much is the steel slag grinding plant? As a steel slag vertical mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng has launched HLM steel slag vertical mill to process steel slag, water slag, slag, fly ash and other solid waste slag.


1. The applications of Steel slag

Steel slag is similar to overburned clinker, it has potential hydraulic properties and exerts strength after being processed into fine powder by steel slag vertical mill. Steel slag powder can be used as steel slag cement, construction aggregate, agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner. Steel slag contains a certain amount of metallic iron, which can be used as a raw material for converter steelmaking after recycling, and the tailings can also be used as a raw material for building materials.


Steel slag has high toughness, poor brittleness, and contains certain metal iron particles, it is difficult to crush and grind, what machinery can be used to grind steel slag? Vertical mill is a good option for steel slag production line for its high throughout rate and lower power consumption.


2. Why Choose HLM Vertical Mill?


Guilin Hongcheng is a famous steel slag vertical mill manufacturer with rich experience, considering the characteristics of steel slag, HLM steel slag vertical mill uses optimizes grinding technology for higher grinding efficiency. It is a particular milling equipment for industrial mineral powder production.


HLM Vertical Roller Mill

Max feeding size: 50mm

Capacity: 5-700t/h

Fineness: 200-325 mesh (75-44μm)


3. How much is the steel slag grinding plant?


Steel slag vertical mill has different models for different requirements on fineness and yield, we provide tailor-made design services, and customize exclusive selection and configuration plans for steel slag grinding production lines. The best solution can only be determined through a complete understanding of the process from raw material to end product.


Please tell us the following questions:

1. Raw material.

2. Required fineness(mesh/μm).

3. Required capacity (t/h).



Post time: May-18-2022