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Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adheres to the scientific research and development strategy focusing on improving product competitiveness, takes the combination of "scientific research, technological innovation and technological improvement" as the main line, relies on a strong scientific research team, develops and innovates, aims at the technical frontier of Raymond Mill Market industry, and continuously improves the overall scientific and technological innovation ability of the enterprise.

Guilin Hongcheng has a number of product patents, and the energy-saving and environment-friendly pulverizer equipment is among the best in China. After years of construction and development, the R & D center has become a class A design unit in the mining machinery industry, with independent legal person status and the director unit of Guangxi engineering design and mining association.

Relying on the mining equipment R & D center, Guilin Hongcheng has continuously increased investment in scientific and technological R & D and talent training. It has successively established technical cooperation and academic exchange relations with domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, keeping up with the forefront of the times and constantly injecting new vitality.

Guilin Hongcheng is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of mine grinding equipment. Guilin Hongcheng has established a research institute in cooperation with the scientific research institute, which is committed to the major subject of comprehensive automation and large-scale of mine grinding equipment.

Guilin Hongcheng company not only pays attention to scientific and technological research and development, but also has been committed to introducing advanced machinery manufacturing technology in the industry. In 2008, we cooperated with many German companies to introduce advanced milling machine manufacturing technology into China and become an excellent brand of domestic mining equipment.

guilin hongcheng
HCM R & D team visits and exchanges in Germany(3)
HCM R & D team visits and exchanges in Germany(2)
HCM participated in the international powder exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany
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