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HLF Series Fine Classifier

HLF series milling equipment classifier is the latest product dependently developed by HCM drawing on the most advanced classifier technology in the world. This mill classifier using aviation aerodynamics analysis method, suspension dispersion separation technology, horizontal eddy current classification technology, the rotor classifier cyclone separation collection technology, the milling equipment classifier uses coarse powder secondary separation technology and the bypass dust removal separation technology, which makes its classification efficiency extremely high, fine powder purity high, the energy efficiency remarkable, and mill system capacity markedly improved. The powder fineness can be easily adjusted between 200~500 mesh. HLF series air classifier mill is suitable for the production units of cement, desulfurized calcium based powder, advanced earth, titanium ore,slag micro powder, lime deep processing, calcium hydroxide,calcium oxide carbonate and fly ash separation production units. Adoptive improvements have been made on the mill classifier to cater to the nature of light specific gravity and high viscosity of calcium hydroxide. If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective china air classifier, please contact us below!

We would like to recommend you the optimal grinding mill model to ensure you get the desired grinding results. Please tell us the following questions:

1.Your raw material?

2.Required fineness(mesh/μm)?

3.Required capacity (t/h)?

Technical advantages

Suspended Dispersion and Separation Technology

Good dispersion effect. The materials are broken up and separated in the separation bin and then enter the powder selection area.


Internal circulation collection technology

HLF series milling equipment classifier uses high-efficiency low-resistance classifiers and multi-channels distributed around the main body of the classifier, which effectively simplifies the process of the system, reduces the load and requirements of the subsequent dust collector, and reduces the one-time investment and installed capacity of the system.


Coarse powder secondary air separation technology

Install the secondary air separation device for coarse powder at the lower part of the coarse powder ash hopper of the classifier, to clean the coarse powder that falling into the ash hopper for a second time, so that the fine powder adhering to the coarse powder is sorted for higher powder selection efficiency.


Efficient wear-resistant and energy-saving technology

The powder selection efficiency of HLF series mill classifier is up to 90%, all wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials and anti-wear treatment, long service life and low maintenance costs. There is an eddy current adjusting device in the rotor, which effectively reduces power loss and wear.


Horizontal Eddy Current Classification Technology

The powder selection airflow enters the powder feeding area through the rotor blades horizontally and tangentially to form a stable and uniform rotating vortex airflow. In the horizontal vortex powder selection area can achieve accurate classification.

Classifier Production Operation

Start up

Into the finished product warehouse elevator - finished product conveyor- residual wind pulse bottom valve spiral - classifier - fan - residual wind pulse fan - pulse controller - trommel screen - elevator - slaking system


Machine halt

Stop the slaking system - elevator - trommel screen - residual wind pulse fan - classifier - fan - residual wind pulse bottom valve spiral - finished product conveyor - into the finished product elevator - pulse controller

Operation and Maintenance

To ensure the classifier to run efficiently and safely for long-term, daily maintenance is necessary. User should formulate operating procedures and maintenance and repair systems in line with the actual conditions of the factory.


(1)Add sufficient lubricating oil to the fan bearings and classifier bearings regularly. At least add 2 times to the classifier bearings per shift (8 hours), and the amount of oil should no less than 250 grams per shift.

(2) The temperature of each bearing should be controlled within than 60℃. (140℉)

(3) Pay attention to the balance of the classifier. Stop and inspect if there are any abnormal vibration.

(4)Ensure that each heavy hammer flap valve is sensitive with good wind lock effect. Adjust the air volume of the residual wind pulse fan according to the water ratio of the slaking calcium hydroxide, avoid the system water vapor being congealed, avoid the calcium hydroxide powder being bonded to the rotor or pipeline.

(5) Try not to adjust the ventilation door of the fan for the fineness of calcium hydroxide, try to adjust the speed of mainshaft.

Precautions for Using HLF Series Milling Equipment Classifier

(1) The fineness adjustment generally uses the rotor speed adjustment, and try not to use the air volume adjustment as possible.

(2) The system should be well sealed, especially for the fine powder and coarse powder outlets, and the air lock device must be installed.

(3) The classifier has high efficiency and low cycle load.

(4) Strengthen operation management.