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Robot Packing and Palletizing Plant

The robot packaging and palletizing plant is a new high-tech product independently developed by HongCheng. The whole production line is composed of fully automatic weighing unit, packaging stitching unit, automatic bag feeding unit, conveying inspection unit, robot palletizing unit, etc., which can realize the automation of materials from finished products out of the warehouse, weighing, packaging, detection and palletizing. It is widely used in non-metallic mines, petrochemicals, fertilizers, building materials, food, ports, logistics and other industries. The industrial palletizing robot can automatically performs work, it relies on its own power and control capabilities to achieve various functions. It can be controlled by humans, and it can also be run in accordance with pre-arranged programs to achieve various operational requirements such as palletizing, handling, loading and unloading.

We would like to recommend you the optimal grinding mill model to ensure you get the desired grinding results. Please tell us the following questions:

1.Your raw material?

2.Required fineness(mesh/μm)?

3.Required capacity (t/h)?


1.Increase labor productivity, it can work in harmful environment, reduced requirements for workers' operating skills.


2.Simple structure and few parts. Therefore, low failure rate of the parts, reliable performance, ease of the maintenance. Shorten the preparation period for product modification and replacement, and save the corresponding equipment investment.


3.High speed, high precision, high reliability. High applicability. When the size, volume, shape of product or the outer dimension of the tray changes, it only requires to make a slight modification on the touch screen.


4.Compact layout, high efficiency, small footprint required. It is conducive to layout the production line, and can leave a larger warehouse area. The machine can be installed and used in a narrow space.


5.It can realize unmanned, fast and stable automatic bagging work, reduce labor costs, and improve packaging production. Through the PLC network communication interface for central centralized control and remote network monitoring.

Working principle

Palletizing robot has integrated machinery and computer programs which provides higher production efficiency for modern production.