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TH Type Elevator

The bucket elevator is a vertical lifting equipment with belt or chain as a traction mechanism, and the height of conveying materials can reach 30-80 meters. It is suitable for lifting and conveying various kinds of powders and small pieces of materials. The elevator produced by Guilin HongCheng with the characteristics of small size, wide range of lifting height, large loading capacity, excellent sealing, reliable operation, high efficiency and low power consumption. This elevator is applied in conveying non-abrasive and low-abrasive materials such as coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore, etc.

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Technical advantages

Wide elevation range. The elevator has few requirements on the types, characteristics and lumps of materials, which can elevate powdery, granular and massive materials. Material temperature can reach 250 ° C.


Small drive power. The machine uses input feeding, gravity induced discharge, and uses densely arranged large capacity hoppers for conveying. lower chain speed, higher lift force, the energy consumption is 70% of the chain hoist.


Higher transport capacity. The series has 11 specifications, the lifting range between15 ~ 800 m3/h.


Well sealed, environmental protection. The advanced design ensures the reliability of the whole machine, the trouble-free time exceeds 30,000 hours.


Ease of operation and maintenance, few wear parts. Extremely low use cost due to energy saving and low maintenance.


The hoist chain is forged with alloy steel and is carburized and quenched for tensile strength, wear resistance, long service life time, and strong structural rigidity.

Working Principle

The elevator rotates on the upper drive pinion and the lower reverse pinion by the moving parts. Under the action of the driving device, the driving pinion drives the pulling member and the hopper to make a cyclical movement. when the materials are raised to the upper pinion, they will be discharged from the discharge outlet under the action of gravity and centrifugal force.