What is the technical scheme of the slag powder process?

    Guilin Hongcheng as a slag mill manufacturer, today for you to introduce the slag powder process technology scheme. This scheme is included in the national catalogue of advanced applicable technology and equipment for the comprehensive utilization of industrial resources, and is suitable for the production of slag cement powder by using slag solid waste.

    1.slag powder process technology scheme technology principle and process: the technology of slag solid waste as raw material, raw materials through the feeding system into the slag vertical grinding system, after crushing, grinding, drying, gas conveying, powder, provided by hot blast furnace slag in grinding drying needs heat, combined with mechanics, thermal engineering, fluid, hydraulic transmission, automatic control, parameter monitoring, wear-resistant materials, such as integrated technology, production of slag powder. Including slag feeding system, slag grinding system, hot blast furnace heating system, slag powder storage and shipping and other processes.

    2.Technical index of slag powder technology scheme:

    (1)The specific surface area of the slag powder is 420m2 / kg;

    (2)The energy consumption of the slag powder system is not more than 40kW.h / t;

    3.Technical function characteristics of slag powder technology scheme:

    (1)Core equipment slag vertical grinding integrates crushing, grinding, drying, conveying and powder selection.

    (2)Including storage yard, material conveying, grinding, dust collection, hot air system, air flow circulation, central control DCS and other technologies, the overall high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving.

    (3)The amount of solid waste of slag can reach 100%.

    4.Future promotion prospect of slag powder technology scheme: the technology can digest industrial solid waste production slag cement powder, realize waste into treasure, process green, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, has a certain prospect of promotion and application.

    5.Application case of slag powder technology scheme: the expansion project of large building materials enterprise in Hebei, the grinding material is water slag of steel mills, which needs to be processed into S95 grade ore powder, and is used downstream for the production of building materials products. The owner ordered a Guilin Hongcheng HLM2800 vertical mill with the middle diameter of 2 m 8, the grinding particle diameter of 30mm, and the discharge particle diameter of 420m² / kg. The production line has been put into use normally, with an output of about 50-60 tons. Hongcheng mine powder vertical grinding production line has reliable quality, high yield and high efficiency, low consumption and energy saving, low noise and environmental protection, which is the ideal equipment choice for processing water slag, steel slag and other solid waste.

    6.Guilin Hongcheng can provide the whole process of slag powder technology scheme for the slag powder project. If you have relevant requirements, please contact us:email:

Post time: Mar-20-2024