Barium sulfate is an important inorganic chemical raw material processed from barite raw ore. It not only has good optical performance and chemical stability, but also has special characteristics such as volume, quantum size and interface effect. Therefore, it is widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, rubber, ink and pigment and other fields. Nanometer barium sulfate has the advantages of high specific surface area, high activity, good dispersion, etc. It can show excellent performance when applied to composite materials. HCMilling(Guilin Hongcheng) is a professional manufacturer of barite grinding mill machines. Our barite vertical roller mill machine can grind 80-3000 mesh barite powder. The following is an introduction to the application fields of nano barium sulfate.


1. Plastic industry — after processing with barite grinding mill machine

Adding nano barium sulfate processed by barite grinding mill machine to polymer to obtain composite materials with high strength and toughness has attracted more and more attention. For example, barium sulfate can be added to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polylactic acid (PLA), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other materials. Especially, the mechanical properties of barium sulfate have been significantly improved after surface modification.


For most polymer composites, with the increase of the amount of modifier, the strength and toughness of the composite materials increase first and then decrease. This is because the excessive amount of modifier will lead to multi-layer physical adsorption on the surface of nano barium sulfate, causing serious agglomeration in the polymer, affecting the mechanical properties of the composite materials, and making it difficult to play the excellent characteristics of inorganic fillers; A small amount of modifier will increase the interface defects between the nano barium sulfate and the polymer, resulting in a decrease in the mechanical properties of the composite.


In addition to the above amount of surface modifier has a great impact on the mechanical properties of the composite, the amount of barium sulfate is also an important factor. This is because the strength of nano barium sulfate is very large, which can play a role in bearing when added to the composite, thus producing a certain strengthening effect. However, when the content of nano barium sulfate is too high (more than 4%), because of its agglomeration in the composite and the addition of inorganic particles, the matrix defects increase, which makes the composite more prone to fracture, thus making the mechanical properties of the composite worse. Therefore, the addition amount of barium sulfate must be within its appropriate mechanical properties.


2. Coating industry — after processing with barite grinding mill machine

As a kind of pigment, barium sulfate is widely used in coatings and plays an important role in improving the thickness, abrasion resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, surface hardness and impact resistance of coatings. In addition, because of its low oil absorption and high filling capacity, it can be used in water-based coatings, primers, intermediate coatings and oily coatings to reduce the cost of coatings. It can replace 10%~25% of titanium dioxide in water-based coatings. The results show that the whiteness is improved and the hiding power is not reduced.

The characteristics of superfine barium sulfate for coatings are: 1) very fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution; 2) It is transparent when dispersed in resin solution; 3) Good dispersibility in coating base material; 4) It can be used as dispersing agent in combination with organic pigment; 5) It can improve physical properties.


3. Paper industry — after processing by barite vertical roller mill machine

Barium sulfate is often used in papermaking industry because of its good physical and chemical stability, moderate hardness, large whiteness, and absorption of harmful rays.


For example, carbon paper is a common learning and office supplies, but its surface is easy to decolor, so barium sulfate is required to have a high oil absorption value, which can improve the ink absorption of the paper; The particle size is small and uniform, which can make the paper more flat and cause less wear to the machine.


4. Chemical fiber industry — after processing by barite vertical roller mill machine

Viscose fiber, also known as “artificial cotton”, is similar to natural cotton fiber in nature, such as anti-static, good moisture absorption, easy dyeing, and easy textile processing. The nano barium sulfate has good nano effect. The nano barium sulfate/regenerated cellulose blend fiber made from the two as raw materials is a new type of composite fiber, which can maintain the unique properties of each component. Moreover, through the “synergy” between them, it can make up for the shortcomings of single material and show the new properties of composite materials.

Post time: Dec-29-2022